Wallpaper Removal Techniques

Wallpapers take care of the bare part of the room walls adding beauty and dimension to the whole setup. Wallpaper may be in the form of landscape and wildlife posters of contemporary art installation. Most of the times these wallpapers are pegged to the brick walls and when you thing they need to replaced or removed you just need to drill out the pegs.

However some wallpaper is installed with the help of strong adhesives along with the pegs to give a plain 3D look. Removing these wallpapers need a lot of trouble. You need to scratch out all the paper that gets strongly stuck to the wall paint. This will inevitably result in removal of paint patches and exposure of the plaster in patches. Repainting the whole house may be necessary if you want to go for a complete makeover. There are experts who do it, but you too can take up the task on a fine weekend.