Wallpaper DIY

Here are some of the important DIY steps that you need to follow to apply wallpaper perfectly in your room.

1. Make sure that you have enough area to spread your wallpaper when cutting into proper sizes. Make the walls plain by removing all the nails, old wall papers etc.

2. In order to check the blemishes, one can use a flashlight and smooth such areas with the help of a sand paper. Fill the pores with drywall solution.

3. Use a good quality primer which is oil based as this prevents your wallpaper from absorbing the adhesive. You can paint the edges of the wallpapers so that they don’t look different from the adjacent walls of ceilings.

4. Soak the wallpaper properly in the tray for around 15-20 seconds preventing any air bubbles.

5. Lastly booking will not only make the adhesive to spread evenly but will also help you to stick them properly.