Use of Winding Concrete Staircase for Limited Space

Winding concrete staircases are known to be one of the most comfortable alternatives available for the traditional staircases that take a lot of space. The winding staircases are best suited for homes where space is a restriction. The staircase is also useful where a straight getaway with a standard landing is not impossible. The house design will possess the upper floor and normal height just as required for a straight stair. The head room requires being maintained. This will stop hitting the higher floor block with the head while walking up. The final finishing on the concrete is done via using different products.

The best thing about winding concrete staircase is that it can be created via using affordable materials. The basic construction needs to start via measuring floor-to-floor headroom. The first course of bars is cast initially on the slab of ground floor. The staircase is offered a beautiful look via giving a varnishing in the end.