Keep Your Shower Doors Clean

Shower Doors CleanMany of you still prefer the shower doors in your bathroom. Though the latest fashion says that you should not have a shower door in your bathroom, many newly designed small glass walls are fitted in the new bathrooms but many of you still like to keep the shower doors as your favorite. Keeping the shower walls clean can be a real threat to you but at the same time if you want to maintain your favorite possession in working condition, you need to make enough research to find a way out.

After each shower if the shower doors are maintained, it can be easily kept clean. A thorough cleaning of the bathroom after each two weeks is also advisable to maintain the shower doors. Wiping the doors with a dry cloth will help the moulds stay away from it and keep the air circulated.

The stains caused due to hard water on the shower doors can be removed by using acidic chemical solution. White vinegar if mixed with water and sprayed on the shower doors, and then wiped with a dry cloth, hard water stains can be removed magically. The manufacturer’s instructions can also be considered in this case.

The soap scum can be removed by using diluted ammonia. The ammonia should be diluted according to the instructions provided and can be sprayed on the shower door with a spray bottle. Wipe it thoroughly with a dry cloth and get rid of the soap scum on your shower doors. Non sticky cooking spray is suggested by the professionals to stop the deposition of soap scams.
The metal frames as well as the tracks of the shower doors can also be removed by using a mixture of vinegar and water.

Though these are some of the tips to keep you shower doors clean but a thorough cleaning of the bathroom at regular intervals is inevitable.