Decorating With Hurricane Lamps

Hurricane lamps have been some of the most popular lamps to be used in homesteads. They were even popular before electricity because of their large, blown glass base, which prevented the wind from putting off the flame from a gas, or oil lit candle. Today, there are several designs of hurricane lamps that can be used in almost any setting such as votive lights, real light bulbs as well as the tower candles. It is now easy to shop for hurricane lamps and they are some of the great home accessories that will make your home look great with their beaded vintage lampshades.

Hurricane lamps can be used anywhere and they are beautiful since they can come in some sort of stained glass style such as Tiffany lamp or in one of the several styles. Whatever style of hurricane lamp you choose to use in your home, it will bring out the old memories and transform your home into the beauty it used to be.