Combine Caribbean and Tuscan in your room

Designing your room with a combination of Tuscan and Caribbean, means merging French and Italian theme. However, they both have an oceanic feel. This amalgamation gives a quite sophistic look to your bedroom. You need to incorporate some earthy stuff along with some beach stuff. One can have a hand scraped dark hardwood floors or a dark furniture which is carved.

For example one can experiment with their bed by carving the sides. One can add some corals, stones and shells as a piece of art in their room. In order to give some Caribbean look, you can make use of some lavish fabrics like silk. You can color the walls with some earthy tones like gold in order to make it simple at the same time classy. Teal wall is also a good option to give a Caribbean look. One can add some wallpapers of landscapes that are relevant to both the origin will also change the complete ambience of your room.