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Top 5 Aromatic Indoor Herbs

Aromatic Indoor HerbsAromatic herbs are a wonderful addition to your room assuring a pollution free ambience naturally. These herbs are great to lower down the presence of VOC in your rooms, eliminating the need to waste money on an air-purifier.


Rosemary herb is mostly use for cooking while many others prefer it for herbal tea. An evergreen plant by nature, the rosemary thrives brilliantly throughout the cold season, assuring a pleasant aroma throughout the year. Apart from being good air purifiers, the rosemary leaves enhance cognitive function & protect brain from the free radicals.


Basil is another very popular aromatic herb which is suitable for every climate. The basil leave come with a pleasant peppery feel and its nice aroma also reduces CO2 across the room. Moreover, you can use basil leaves for herbal tea & salad garnish.


Then, you have mint, a much loved aromatic herb for your home. The mint leaves give out a strong refreshing smell and also ensures easy breathing, especially for people suffering from bad lung conditions. Another great part about mint is that it attracts wasps that kill parasites infecting other plants around.


There’s hardly anybody who is not spellbound by the oh-so-sweet fragrance of jasmine flowers. The jasmine opens the flowers in the evening, between 6 & 8 p.m. – it’s always wonderful amidst such a pleasantly aromatic ambience. You can also take to jasmine petals for a fragrant flavored herbal tea. Jasmine is a very good air purifier 7 is one of the cheapest plants to grow indoors.


Lavender is another good example when you are looking for the best indoor aromatic herbs. If you do not want to waste money on aromatic candles, the lavender would be the perfect aromatherapy solution for you with its pleasantly refreshing smell. Added to the beautiful aroma, lavender even works as a great insect repellent. Moreover, lavender even relaxes lungs & reduces stress.

Reduce the energy bills of your house

Home energy, home improvementReducing the energy bills is very important and people adopt many ways to achieve that. You may find it difficult to reduce the energy bill of your house, but it is indeed not that much difficult if you follow few simple things.

The first thing you should do is to try and reduce the wastage of energy. You often have the tendency of keeping the lights and fans switched on even when you are not at your room. This is the thing you should stop doing. Make it a habit to switch off all the electrical utilities as soon as you leave your room as this will bring down your energy usage reducing your energy bill.

Recent technological development has led to the development of new electrical utilities which are much more energy efficient and thus can really prove to be helpful in bringing down the energy bills. Always check the energy ratings provided by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency before you purchase any electrical utility. Following these steps you will end up lowering energy bill to a significant level.

Fen shui for your child’s study area

Fen shuiWhen considering the best options in modeling your child’s study room, make sure to look up Fen Shui. There are many ways to enlighten the study aspect of any study room. Make sure that the modeling makes the study room look as peaceful and calm inducing s it possibly can. Shades of green on the study room walls can be of great help. Making sure to keep a broad expanse of space near the study desk to emphasize on it is important. Try to keep the desk as clean and bland as possible to induce focus and concentration.

With Fen Shui aspects make sure to not keep the door behind the person who sits at the desk as this proves to be distracting. If a window is present, keep it to the left of the desk, if not keep a mirror hanging on the wall. Also add up the positive influences of Fen Shui by either placing a plant on the window sill or by hanging a wind chime.

Good luck charms make your house look pretty too

Good luck charms for homeMany of us keep few things in your house as we believe those are our good luck charms and will always bring happiness and prosperity to our house. Many people hang lemons and chilies on the door of their house to keep away any evil things, but on drying the lemons and chilies look bad. But this is not the case with all good luck charm as some of them also make your house look pretty.

According to Feng Shui, keeping Chinese bamboo always keeps your house environment cool and contended and imparts happiness to your house. The Chinese bamboo is indeed quite beautiful looking and you can very easily keep them in some decorative glass or bowl to make your house even more beautiful.

A small statue or show piece of Ganesha is believed to bring wealth and prosperity to your house. A good looking statue of ganesha kept in the shelves in your house will impart an aesthetic sense to the appearance of your house.

Advantages of the Faux Fireplace

If you have desire to have fireplace in your house then there is no need to invest in the construction of the chimney. You just need to buy faux fireplace which is a simulation of the original fireplace. It offers the same feel as of the original fireplace. The first advantage of faux fireplace is no maintenance cost is required. There is no work of cleaning it, fetching woods or removing ash and soot from it.

Best part of faux fireplace is it absolutely safe and does not lead to any kind of fire hazard. It can be moved from one place to another and its beautiful finish is sure to attract the attention of the visitors. Installation process is very easy where the parts of the fireplace have to be assembled and kept in the position. You can even get your custom fireplace but will have to pay additional cost for it.

Increasing the Performance of Your Chimney

If your chimney is releasing too much of draft or increasing the electricity bill, then the time has come to upgrade the chimney and increase its performance. The performance can be increased by making use of chimney caps which is a multifunctional device. Burning stove or burning fireplace is the region where use of chimneys is made and all of the above application requires the use of chimney cap.

Chimney cap will increase the flow of oxygen, protect the chimney from the rain and will also prevent unwanted visitors like bats, winds from entering it. But the selection of the right chimney is necessary to avoid any kind of problems. Chimney caps made of copper are beautifully looking and are available in different sizes and styles. Chimney professional are the right person to understand your needs and provide budget chimney. You can also make use of custom chimney which will be designed as per your needs and taste.

Save Money and the Environment with Solar Outdoor Lighting

Many of us spent thousands every month on electricity. However the world today requires that we save as much as possible and go for unconventional sources of energy. Solar lighting can be an efficient installation and will do a lot of good to the environment. In this case you have nothing to lose. It’s a onetime investment and as long as the sun continues to shine every day, the gadget will work and save for you.

For outdoor lighting, solar panels can be very useful. Basically the outdoor is lit when it’s dark to keep the immediate surroundings of the house safe and convenient. Since they remain switched on all night a considerable amount of electricity is consumed up by them at the end of the month. Investing in a solar panel will cut the cost fully and your green effort certainly will be appreciated. You do well for yourself and the society at large.

Save Money and the Environment with Solar Outdoor Lighting

Traditionally it was believed that the solar lights provide soft, warm ambience for the landscape. This however, is no longer true. With the advancement of technology, it is possible to obtain bright light using solar power. The major advantage of solar light is that it is free. Only installation cost is what one will have to bear. The solar outdoor lighting is used to light up the small pathways.

However, there are other areas where these lights find extensive use. It can illuminate the entryways, decks and porches. Solar powered spotlights and security lamp are best suited to emphasize work of art. Garden solar lighting is usually a low voltage light and can transform the view of the garden. The landscaping and the flowerbeds remains illuminated even during the night. Thus, a 24-hour view of the garden is obtained with these solar lights. Solar lights are environment friendly since they do not emit byproducts.

Deck lighting – innovative ideas

There are lots of different clever and innovative ways to illuminate different aspects of your deck or deck. Lights can be installed in almost any location on, in and around your deck or deck to give you the desired lighting effect.

When you install deck solar lights you are able to create just the right atmosphere to get the sort of style and ambience that you prefer. And of course by mixing different lighting effects, you can use different combinations for different occasions making the use of solar deck lights and solar deck lights extremely versatile.

Choose from torches, post lights and lamps, step lights, motion sensor lights, lanterns and a lot more. Only your imagination will limit what you can do for your deck or patio with outdoor solar lights. The good news is that whatever you do with solar lights it is going to be cheap and you will have lots of fun.

Heat Pumps Make Your Home Comfortable

All homes require fresh air and not a too hot or too cold kind of environment. Heat pumps have come to play this role. The heat pump’s work is to moderate air be it cold or hot from the outside of a room to the inside. For instance, during cold weather the heat pump will collect any warm air outside and use it to generate more warm air for the room.

It also does the same during very hot weather. Collects any cold air from outside and use it to bring some cool temperature into the room. With such an invention who wouldn’t want to have a heat pump in their home. The cold seasons do not have to be cold anymore and the hot seasons do not have to be as hot.
The heat pump does not make heat. They only transfer heat to reach different areas of the home. When buying the heat pump, it is important to ensure that you get the right people to install it, probably the place where it was purchased from.