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5 Creative Home Organizing Ideas

Creative Home Organizing IdeasTotal make over of the home can be very tiring at times. If you do not want to change all that is there in your home then you can just reorganize a few things so that they are neatly placed and give a refreshing look to your home. If you want a clutter free home then you must start preparing list of ideas. Start up with small things and proceed further step by step. Start off with organizing your closet and then move onto the kitchen and the bedroom. You must make use of buckets and bins. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Entrance Hall: Shoes, bags, and umbrellas make the entrance look untidy. In order to avoid this, you should create a wall unit to keep the floorings clean. You can also install hooks to hand the coats, a shoe rack would probably make the entrance look neater. Decorative umbrella stands is a very good idea.
2. Bathroom: To make your bathroom look clutter free you can store your products on attractive racks. Your bathroom must have toilet rolls, fluids for cleaning and fresh towels separate from the ones that are in use.
3. Kitchen: Keeping work place free from all the dumping materials is a difficult task. You must try and sort the items as and when they enter your kitchen. You can also keep a rail hanging with hooks where you can put up your utensils to keep the counter area clean.
4. Children’s bedroom: It needs to be maintained because they are usually a dumping ground for toys, school bags, crayons and stationary. If your child has too many toys then you should put them high up on some rack to keep the floor area clean. You can also have a seat storage box for keeping huge soft toys.
5. Utility area: They are cluttered with dirty clothes. So you must have laundry bags for them.

Wall paintings for your hallway

hallway Wall paintingsHallways are never really paid much heed to but you must realise that as far as guests are concerned, hallways attract attention. They walk by from this area quite often and hence your style of decoration is reflected to them not only by the rest of the house but by the hallways as well.

There are a number of options that you can choose from in decorating your hallway. Photos, mirrors, trendy wall hangings, lights, paintings, etc. It has been seen that one of the most, if not the most, attractive and eye catching decorative item for hallways is paintings.

Instead of putting up one or two large paintings, you can put up a number of small paintings across the hallway. As they say, “the more the better”. Multiple paintings can ensure your hallway grabs the attention of not just one or two but every guest that comes to your house.

Also, you can go creative on the methods of hanging your paintings. Hanging art work does not always have to mean hammering in a nail and putting up the painting on the wall. The more unusual techniques you adopt to hang your paintings, the more visually attractive your hallway becomes.

1) Ribbon: Instead of the boring ugly looking wire, you can go for bright looking ribbons to hang your paintings on the nail. Get pretty ribbons but try to avoid too gorgeous a design so that the focus remains on the painting.

2) Frame: Instead of the expensive formal looking frames, go for readymade casual looking frames from home decor stores or art outlets.

3) Grouping: If you have a big space to cover and a lot of small paintings, group together the ones with a similar subject and then hang them in order so that your guests can view them one by one and enjoy an interesting sight.

Hope you have a better idea now about how to decorate your hallway with artwork. So arrange the paintings and start making your hallway prettier.

Decorating a room in shades of purple

room in shades of purpleIf you find the color purple appealing, you can take a leap of faith and experiment with it. Purple is a beautiful color and it comes in various shades from lilac to dark purple. Coloring the walls in lilac or dark navy blue purple can real bring about a specifically calming and attractive appeal in a room.

Purple is known to entrap a lot of cosmic energy so using this color in your bedroom can enhance your sex life, say color experts. You can sue lilac themed curtains and bed sheets. You could go for flower patterned violet cushion covers or tablecloths. When it comes to lampshades, if you have a color choice, go for violet. It gives a warm feel in a room. Small things like a clock, a bookshelf, or a wall hanging you could use purple anywhere you want and get that feel for your home right away.

5 tips to redesign your attic

 attic renovation, home decorThe attic is one of those rooms in your house that you can design and redesign according to your wish. The attic can be anything that you want it to be and therefore it is probably a good idea to design your attic once in a while to add that extra excitement to your house décor:

• Turn your attic into a library. Stock up the walls with books and complete the décor with a reclining chair and the bright lighting.
• Turn your attic into a guest room. Perfect way in which you can provide for your guests without compromising your rooms.
• Design your attic into a study. The attic is the best place where you can concentrate on your work without getting disturbed.
• Change your attic into a play room. Have a billiards table put up and other indoor games.
• Redesign your attic into an extra bathroom, perfect with a huge bathtub.

Beanbag Chairs to revamp your home

Beanbag Chairs, home decor furnitureWith the change of times, the concepts relating to the decoration of our homes are also fast evolving to become more and more refined. In these recent circumstances of evolving ideas of home décor, most of us are always striving to make the decorations of our homes even more pleasing for the eye and add a feel to it that would make the decoration of your home stand out from the conventional ides of home decorations.

One of such concepts of home decorations that can make the decoration of your home stand out from the others is by the use of bean bags. Bean bags are one of the most recent trends of home decoration and are sure to stay in fashion for quite a while. It can act splendidly in replacing some of the conventional chairs of your home, is far more comfortable than them and splendidly incorporates the fell of sophistication to your home.

Setting up an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen, kitchenDo you want to make your doors look really extravagant and beautiful? Well then using wreath could be a brilliant idea for this. These are the good options for those who are experienced in door crafting and also for the beginners. If you want to add some fresh natural air into your house then floral wreaths are the best choices.

Floral wreaths look good when they are covered up with green leaves and flowers and you can also make a ribbon bow onto it to make it more beautiful. Ribbon wreaths are also nice choices if you are planning to décor your house for the holiday seasons and in this regard you can use a number of different colored ribbons and wires to make your wreath more complete and beautiful. If you want your wreath to be thematic then you can use cork wreath and fall wreaths for your doors also.

Add a cloak room to your home décor

Cloakroom suites, home decor tipsCloakroom suites are like small restroom suites and could be a used as primary restrooms in modern houses. They are quite useful when there are visitors or when you have to accommodate a large number of inmates.

Generally, cloakroom suites are located underneath the stairs, to be used as storage for any unwanted furniture or any extra commodity that would give an untidy look otherwise in the house. An actual wash basin can be fixed but cloakrooms usually include a wall-hung wash basin along with a small-sized toilet. Installing, ugly pipes will provide a jumbled appearance.

Additionally, a little wall-hung cabinet will help saving the floor space. It is very important to organize the components in the actual cloakroom style. To give an attractive look and keep it simple stainless-steel taps with curved style chrome surface finishes could be used. Incorporating, a well-adjusted looking glass will boost the actual graphic area.

Solar pool covers for your home

Solar pool covers,Home DecorSolar pool covers are the most demanded item in the recent times for people owning a pool. Solar pool covers has a variety of benefits which are very effective for you and your family and also eco friendly to our environment. The basic objective of solar pool cover is to warm up the water of your pool using solar energy as its source.

The wide array of benefits attached to solar pool covers are; first they are extremely durable and can tolerate extreme climatic changes. You will find a variety of solar pool covers with different thickness. Choose the solar pool cover keeping in mind the climatic condition of your place.

It is extremely environment friendly and at the same time reduces a lot of your heating costs. Solar pool covers do not produce any toxic residue or emit any harmful gases or deposits thus making it eco friendly in nature. Plus with solar pool covers you can enjoy swimming even in the winter seasons.

Give an artistic dash to your home with glass tiles

Decorating your home with detailed and conceptualized plans is an effective way to give an enchanting look to it. Exquisiteness of the material and quality should not be compromised especially while choosing tiles.

It is best to choose among a wide range of glass tiles as they are highly versatile in texture and appearances. Widely different colors and patterns are there to explore in glass tiles. If you want to give an artistic look to your home décor you can order for custom made artistic glass tiles. They are made by expert studio glass artists and add more beauty to your interiors. These are made in small amounts and hence are exclusive and truly one-of-a-kind.

If you are daring to experiment you can opt for factory tiles such as filed tiles, accent tiles or by mixing and matching different kinds. Custom art glass tiles give your house a whole new artistic look.

What does your home décor say about you?

Something that you have to understand is that the importance of home décor can never be over emphasized. After all, your home décor bears testimony to your taste, reflects your personality, heritage, preferences and culture. It is the home décor with some personal touches that transforms a brick house into a lovable home. A beautifully decorated home shows how classy and sophisticated your taste and preferences are. Therefore, spending a little time of planning your home décor is definitely worthwhile.

When it comes to home décor, you can go in for ethnic décor, tribal décor, oriental décor, vintage décor or contemporary décor in keeping with your taste. If you are in love with antiques you can go in for an antique home décor. However, you need to keep in mind that this décor may burn a hole in your pocket. So, choose a home décor that would be great and also not that expensive.