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Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

metal roofing..Considering the importance of roofing in our home, there are many options to exercise while installing roofs in your home. Which material, what amount, the estimated costs of constructing it, etc. Roofing contractor helps the owners to calculate the risk and cost of installing a roof. If it is properly installed than the roofing of your home can last for a long period of time. Characteristic of roofing is dependent upon the house or building where it is going to be installed. Because every home has different structure and design and keeping the structure into consideration the roofing contractor decides that which roofing method will be more suitable to your home and will construct accordingly. Let us take metal roofing and its pros and cons in consideration:


  1. Metal roofing is more durable in nature. If maintained properly than its life can increase to thirty years or more than that. Proper installation of metal roof is very important because it is long lasting and helps the house from water drainage issues.


  1. Metal is a strong element of nature so it can be preserved for long time. once it is installed in roofs than the question to replace it does not arise. Metal roofing is fire resistant and can bare heat, wind, water, storm, any weather.


  1. Metal roofing is heavy in weight but technology has given many new methods such as light weighted metal tiles or strips are available for roofing which does not give more pressure to the home. As it is made of metal, water drainage and leakage problems does not arise.


  1. The roofing contractor keeps the strips or tiles of metal ready for the installation in roofs so its installation process is quick and easy. Colored metal tiles and strips are also available in the market which helps the owners to design it according to their home.


  1. This metal roofing is very useful for homes because it conduces of less heat as they are colored and coated of some special material. So less consumption of ac is seen.



  1. Installing a metal roof in your home is the better option but it is very costly as compared to other methods of roofing. The person who can afford it can take the opportunity of installing it but for those who cannot than he must avoid metal roofing construction.


  1. Metal roofing can be claimed as noised roofing because it is made up of metal strips and tiles so in heavy rain or sand storms it can create lot of unwanted noise which can irritate the owner of the house. All the requisite information must be gathered before planning of metal roofing from your roofing contractor.


  1. Expansion and contraction is another drawback of metal roofing because in hot temperature the metal expands and contracts and this can create damages to your roof. Because of it there is a possibility of spaces and crakes in roof and it will create leakage problems.


  1. There is a possibility of denting issue in metal roofing. Because this metal strips are light in weight and are soft that can dent if any substance falls on it or due heavy rainfall it can get damaged.


Comparing solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring

Hardwood FlooringYou have taken a good decision for having hardwood flooring for your house. But before going further you need to decide which type of hardwood flooring you would like to prefer in your home. There are two type of flooring. You need to analyze both, look out for benefits and limitations and then decide which one is better and preferable for your house. For analyzing both in detail you need a comparative study. Here is a comparison between solid flooring and engineered flooring.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring are milled from a single piece of hardwood which is covered with protective layer which is thin and clear that often contains ceramic, aluminum oxide or an acrylic substance. Solid hardwood flooring can be sanded and refinished many times during the year. Thus it can last for decades and the reason behind it is its thickness.

As the flooring is a solid piece of wood, its expansion and contraction is according to the home’s relative humidity. The home’s interior humidity must remain between 45% to 65% to stay away from warping. There is wide range of wood species in solid wood flooring like maple, oak and black walnut. You can also get regional specific choices such as mesquite, pecan and others. You can also opt for some exotic hardwood from Brazil, Africa and elsewhere.

These types of floors are permanently nailed to the subfloor due to its issues of expansion and contraction. Installers will always leave a gap between floor and wall to contain swelling.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring contains multiple layers say three to five layers Bonded collectively under extreme pressure and heat. This multiple layer helps in getting more durability and stability. Humidity does not affect engineered flooring unlike solid flooring because of the way it is processed. Thus this type of flooring is more preferred in kitchens, basements, bathrooms and those areas where humidity level varies, as long as the moisture barrier is placed between hardwood floors and sub floors.

These are also more suitable for installing over in-floor heating system. Like laminate flooring, engineered hardwood flooring is now also created with tongue and groove installation method. This helps them to be installed in a floating floor formats without using glue or nails.

Which flooring is better?

At the end, the type of hardwood flooring is determined by the place you are intending to install your product and what you want in terms of design aesthetic. It depends all on place as if you are intending to install in lower level of your home or in an area where moisture or humidity can be low or high, you should go for engineered hardwood.

On the contrary, if you want to install flooring on an above grade level and you are interested in a traditional hardwood floor, then you can go for solid hardwood floor.

Both type of flooring proves to be a beautiful choice and makes your home look more beautiful and elegant and increase the value of your home only if it is installed in a proper manner and after installation it is maintained in a proper manner during the period of your ownership.

Essential Facts about Buckled Shingles

Roof bucklingBuckling of shingles means the fluffed up of shingles. It’s like something is pushing the shingles from inside and the shingles are pushed up. This is not proper for the roof of your home. It is dangerous and it deteriorates the aesthetic appeal of your house. Thus you should be careful regarding the buckling of your roof and take precautions. You should replace your shingles as soon as possible when you detect the buckling in your shingles. The reason behind the buckling of shingles is moisture and lack of insulation. When the moisture gets inside the roof and it fails to find its way out then buckling is seen in the roof. Shingles does not remain flat and it gets curved because of the wrinkling of the roof under the movement of the roof deck.

Here is some of the causes of the roof buckling

  • In the months of summers we usually feel high humidity in the atmosphere. In this situation, the old roofs are usually torn off so their wood deck is exposed and it leads to absorb the moisture. When the wood absorbs the moisture and its content increases, it causes the wood deck to move and buckle.
  • At the time of installation of new roof, the moisture gets trapped in the system and the roofing felt which is used as underlayment absorbs the moisture and result in wrinkling.
  • The homes are build tighter and then insulation level is kept high and thus because of this they might not be properly ventilated. And due to lack of ventilation also roofs and shingles got buckled up.
  • If the roof sheathing is not appropriately spaced which is a minimum of 1/8 then also buckling is seen in the shingles on the roof because of expansion and contraction.

Tips to solve roof buckling

  • Let the moisture get out of roofing system to get rid of buckling. Once the proper moisture content is attained by the roofing system then the roof will become flat and the problem of buckling will be solved.
  • You can also remove those shingles which are buckled up. If the felt underneath is affected by the buckling then you need to repair up the affected wrinkled felt by cutting and re-nailing the felt so that it gets flat and the shingles are replaced.
  • Make sure that the attic is properly ventilated. The minimum need for ventilation is of one square foot for every one fifty square feet of attic floor space. You can allot fifty percent of ventilation at the eaves and the remaining fifty percent at the upper part of the roof.

Prevention of roof buckling

Don’t expose the material of the decking to the water before or after the installation.

Always apply the shingles according to the tips of the instructions of the shingle manufacturer.

Ensure that your roof possess appropriate ventilation and stays away from the moisture.

If your manufacturer suggest then also go for additional ventilation to keep your roof away from buckling.

Why Is Concrete Flooring So Popular?

Concrete FlooringConcrete flooring was earlier used in industrial and commercial buildings only. But as time passed by, concrete flooring started being utilized for domestic buildings as well. Today many of the contemporary homes use concrete flooring only. It is in fact the top choice of homeowners throughout the world.

The durability of concrete is amazing because of which it is being increasingly used by the homeowners as a flooring material. In most of the houses you will find that the concrete floors are covered with carpet or wood. But homeowners should remove the carpet or wood that covers concrete floors so that the beauty of these floors can be displayed appropriately as well.

Floor made out of concrete are highly energy efficient. The quality and design of concrete floors have undergone tremendous changes over the years. Concrete floors will be compatible with any kind of house décor especially the contemporary house décor.

Since these floors last for longer periods of time, these increase the overall value of your home in the future. When you will sell your house that has concrete floors then the cost value of your house will be shockingly more.

Once these floors are installed they do not require that much attention. You can get them polished once in a while so that the original shine can be renewed. Apart from that you do not have to worry about its maintenance. Repairing costs of these floors are also very reasonable.

Cleaning the concrete floors is also very expedient. You can use water and soap to clean your concrete floors. Concrete floors are mostly used in kitchens where the floors get dirty very fast.
A variety of colors and patterns of concrete floors are available in the market. You must make it a point to install concrete floors in your house as you will not regret this decision ever.

Hardwood Flooring- Merits And Demerits

Hardwood Flooring, flooringToday many kinds of flooring options are available to the people. But most of the homeowners prefer hardwood flooring. This is because hardwood flooring has a lot of advantages. However along with the many advantages it has certain disadvantages as well. This article will highlight the merits and demerits of using hardwood flooring in homes.


Hardwood flooring is time-tested as many old homes that have this kind of flooring still look new and fresh. The hardwood floor can be conveniently cleaned and maintained because dirt and stains does not easily stick to the floor. The color of the floor made out of hardwood never fades and remains the same for years. If you choose hardwood flooring for your home then you will get numerous options in terms of colors, natural patterns etc.

This kind of flooring is extremely strong and tough. Thus you do not have to worry about the scratches and dents on the floor. Hardwood floor compliments any type of home décor whether it is traditional or modern. This flooring is eco-friendly since hardwood is natural. Hardwood floor increases the worth of your house when you plan to sell it.


Hardwood floor is actually not affordable since it is a natural material. It is extremely expensive. Installation process of the hardwood flooring is time-consuming and costly as most of the time professional help is required. This type of flooring might loose its luster in the long run. It also becomes slippery if you walk on it wearing socks.
Floors made out of hardwood have a high vulnerability to moisture and humidity. Thus they can deteriorate easily if they come in contact with water. The hardwood floor can turn out to be intolerably noisy at times if it is not insulated.

You should take into account both the merits and demerits before you install the hardwood flooring in your house.

Many Merits Of Rubber Flooring

Rubber FlooringRubber flooring has become an immensely popular flooring option among the homeowners. The reason behind this is the numerous advantages that rubber flooring has. Here are certain merits of rubber flooring.

Rubber flooring is suitable for any commercial as well as domestic environment. You can use it in your bathroom, kitchen etc. Most of the healthcare centers, sports clubs etc also make use of rubber flooring nowadays. Rubber flooring is extremely durable and does not get damaged easily.

Plus it does not take much of an effort to keep the rubber floors clean as they are resistant to stains and chemicals. It is an eco-friendly flooring option and helps in absorbing sound as well. The rubber flooring is also slip-resistant which makes it perfect for areas like the bathroom, kitchen, playground etc.

Rubber flooring is available in a variety of patterns, colors and textures and thus you have a lot of options to choose from.

Tips to remove sticky floor tiles

sticky floor tiles, floor tilesRemoving a sticky floor tiles is a job which needs little hard work and concentration. Unfortunately sticking tiles is much easier then removing these tiles.

Pry the edge or corner of the damaged tile using screw driver or scissor. Try to find the loose corner then pry upward. Only when a single tile is removed you can easily remove others by using scratcher.

Give a little cut at the corner of the tiles using knife or any sharp object, then use the heat gun to provide heat at the bottom of the tiles so that the glue used during sticking it is diluted and then remove the tiles using scratcher.

While removing the tiles wear gloves and use adhesive dissolver to dissolve the sticky material. And wearing gloves will safeguard your hands from heat gun, scratcher and the glue.

Work systematically throughout the room. After removing you will surely feel like mission accomplished. After using the remover solution, wash the underlying floor with water and soap.

Wood laminate flooring for a great kitchen

If you are having a small baby at home who crawls and stick with the floor, it is advisable to have laminate flooring. Generally our floors get fade and rough due to its excessive use. But the laminate floor will not dent or stain. It is water resistant and comes with a warranty period. People with high expectation always think of getting a good performance of flooring under heavy traffic condition. But their expectation goes to veil. As soon as they are equipped with the advantage of wood laminate flooring, all expectations are fulfilled.

The dimension of wooden laminates comes with different varieties ranging from 6mm to 12 mm in thickness. The thickness will help the owner from destroying the lamination quickly. The lamination with a good quality will help in resisting swellings. This will also not get affected with the moisture content. The paraffin wax is used in this connection to prevent water spills.

Is It Possible to Level a Bathroom Floor?

The problem of leveling the floor of the bathroom has to be viewed in two aspects. If the floor has an access from below like a basement or a sub floor then it will be possible to level it by placing the shims.

However, in case there is no sub floor or other ways to access the floor from below then a self-leveling product has to be used. These products are mixed with water and raked on the floor. Over a period, it will find its own level. The self-leveling products are highly expensive but its high level of utility is worth the cost. Very little time is consumed when these products are used.

Wonder board or hardibacker backer needs to be installed over the raked floor. It is also essential to install felt roofing on the wonder board so that it acts like a moisture absorber. Above this roofing the sub flooring should be done.

Concrete Floor Waterproofing

Concrete floor waterproofing is a way of protecting the floor from wearing or being damaged. It is protecting the wood, asphalt, concrete or steel from wearing down or being damaged by water, salt, chemicals or moisture and several other contaminants that can damage and decrease the life of your floor. There are several reasons why waterproofing is used to protect the floor. The obvious being to protect against the above elements and also to make sure that your floor last long enough.

Concrete waterproofing can be used anywhere including the basement areas, roof deck, indoor finished floorings, high traffic walkway, locker room, outdoor recreational areas, and several other places. This type of flooring is installed anywhere onto an existing surface from steel to wood, and tile to asphalt. Moreover, concrete floor waterproofing can be installed in new surfaces as well and the main purpose for this is to provide protection.