Basement Waterproofing Suggestions

sump pump illustrationIf you can keep your basement dry then you can indeed save a lot of money for future. It is just a matter of time and effort and you can indeed secure your basement through some of the best waterproofing solutions. First you have to save your basement from unnecessary water logging. Make the surrounding area slopping so that water does not collect within the basement. You should have gutters and downspouts around your house. This will help in collecting rain water and melting ice water thereby keeping your basement dry and tidy. The walls of your basement should be painted with water resistant paints. What is a downspout ? Read here.

Moisture can damage your basement walls and thus water resistant paints would be utmost suitable to keep the place dry and healthy. You can also make use of a dehumidifier which helps in extracting excess moisture from the basement area. Other useful tips would be to put gravels and rocks around your basement, insulating water pipes, installing metallic window wells, not letting clothes to dry in the basement, letting all your appliances vent outside and ensure to fit exhaust fans within the bathrooms of the basement. The use of a water powered sump pump will keep your basement free of unnecessary water logging. So, just by following these simple steps you can well maintain a dry and healthy basement. Combined with the sump pump and water resistant paints and water sealants, you can look forward to your basement to be mold & damp free for years to come. Always invest in good quality equipments, sealants and paints. Quality pays, always.