3 Bathroom Remodels you can afford RIGHT NOW

According to a report published in a magazine that compares the cost of remodeling homes with its value $15789 is the cost for revamping amid range bathroom. Re-grouting is something that a homeowner can afford right away. This is essential because the tiles in older houses look extremely awful with stains and discoloration.

DIYornot.com shows that the average cost of re-grouting is $184, and searching the web one will can easily find that bathroom re-grouting does not break the $500 mark. According toServiceMagic.com the average cost of fitting new or replacing old tile is under $2,000, which is a quite reasonable investment. With a little expenditure between $475 and $600, you can easily replenish the old bathtub. The bathtub, which has been stained by overuse completely, destroys the décor of the bathroom. However, giving a brand new look to your bathroom is inexpensive, as installing new mirrors will also enhance the beauty of the bathroom.