Difference Between Garage And Carport

It is nothing new that garages are and were very important part of the house. It is the place where we can park our vehicles safely. It is very essential for the safety and security of our vehicle. Similarly we also have carports fulfilling the same purpose. Many of the people also build carports for parking their vehicles. As both are nearby same, many people remains confused between both of them. They cannot make out the clear difference between the structure of the carport and garage. It is totally true that you can park your vehicle safely in garage and carport both but still there is a difference in the structure of carport and garage. There is also certain difference in the functionality and construction of both of them.  Take a note below to find out their difference.


GarageGarage is like a small room and it is a part of home itself. Garage is permanently built up with brick and mortar. It is usually built in the front side of the home so that the owner can park easily while he enters his house. It also becomes easy to take the car out as it is parked in the front part of the house. A garage has three walls and on the forth side there is a shutter. Either there is a shutter on the forth side or there is a gate where allows the entry and exit of your vehicle. It contains appropriate lighting and electrical wiring. Some built up their garages in the backyard while some of them make as an extension to the house. At whatever place it is built, it needs huge investment as needs mortar and concrete as their materials and it is the question of security of your vehicles. In case of garage you can lock your garage and go out so your vehicle is totally safe and secure.


carportA carport is such a structure which is semi covered and it is designed in a manner to park the cars and provide them shelter and protection in a limited sense. Carports are generally open from two sides and have a roof. In US it is of modular shape while in other countries it is flat. Carport is an cost effective option and it gives protection to the vehicles from snow, ice, heavy wind and strong sun rays. However your vehicle is not as safe in carport as they are in garage. But constructing a carport is comparatively much easier to garage.


  • Garage is like a room which is built up with mortar and concrete containing three walls and a gate and it is part of home where as carport is similar to awning and it is open from two sides.
  • Coming to cost comparison, garage is more costly as compared to carport and erection is also easy and fast.
  • Carport provides shelter to vehicles just like garage when there is question of safety and security garage is comparatively much better than carport.