How To Choose A Bathtub For Baby

baby bath tub Are you a would-be mom planning a baby bath for the little bundle of joy? Nothing bathing an infant in an adult tub is a risky idea as the bath area is too big for the little one. Thus, it’s ideal to get a small bath tub designed especially for the babies. There are choices galore when it comes baby tubs today – there are foldable, the plastic ones, tubs with the sling inserts, fancy baby spas and so on. Some are especially designed for comfort with tender sponge interior. However, as you proceed to buy the baby tub, be conscious about the baby’s safety and comfort.

Convertible tubs

This is the most common choice when it comes to baby bath tubs today. The convertible tubs are preferred since most of them are fitted to accommodate the little one right from his newborn days to the toddler months. You will find them with hammock or removable sling that keeps the newborn baby higher in water & closer to mom. As your little one reaches to toddler stage, you can simple remove the insert to ensure greater room for him/her to sit well & splash merrily.

In case, your tub doesn’t come with this removable insert facility, make sure that it carries a comfortable incline that will work to keep the little one lying with good support- in slightly upright pose.

Planning plastic?

If you are planning a plastic made baby bath tub, you should be careful to settle with a smooth, contoured shaped which would be convenient for the tiny tot. It’s good if your tub comes with foam-lining as it assures string mildew resistance.

Foldable tubs

You can take to foldable baby bath tubs if you are into frequent traveling. Being foldable, these are easy for carriage & storage whilst the family is on a traveling spree. But then again, do not consider the foldable ones as the main option as these are usually not as sturdy & solid akin to the non-foldable ones. It’s better you treat it as your additional option.

Non-skid surface

This is one of the most significant points to consider when you are out shopping for the baby bath tubs. Always make sure to get baby tubs with non-skid bottom so that there is enough traction and no worries of slipping out.

Tub with plug

Get baby bath tubs with plug at base so that it’s easier to drain out the water post the bath & splash. However, be sure that the bath bottom is just flat & there is no protrusion due to the plug as such a nuisance can be abrasive for your newborn’s delicate skin.

Fancy tubs

If you are ready to splash on fancy models there are spa baby tubs for you. These upscale models are fitted with adorable plush features like handheld showers and water jets to make the experience all the more fun both for you & the little one. Some of the latest baby tubs are even equipped to keep water warm throughout the bathing period.