Top 5 Aromatic Indoor Herbs

Aromatic Indoor HerbsAromatic herbs are a wonderful addition to your room assuring a pollution free ambience naturally. These herbs are great to lower down the presence of VOC in your rooms, eliminating the need to waste money on an air-purifier.


Rosemary herb is mostly use for cooking while many others prefer it for herbal tea. An evergreen plant by nature, the rosemary thrives brilliantly throughout the cold season, assuring a pleasant aroma throughout the year. Apart from being good air purifiers, the rosemary leaves enhance cognitive function & protect brain from the free radicals.


Basil is another very popular aromatic herb which is suitable for every climate. The basil leave come with a pleasant peppery feel and its nice aroma also reduces CO2 across the room. Moreover, you can use basil leaves for herbal tea & salad garnish.


Then, you have mint, a much loved aromatic herb for your home. The mint leaves give out a strong refreshing smell and also ensures easy breathing, especially for people suffering from bad lung conditions. Another great part about mint is that it attracts wasps that kill parasites infecting other plants around.


There’s hardly anybody who is not spellbound by the oh-so-sweet fragrance of jasmine flowers. The jasmine opens the flowers in the evening, between 6 & 8 p.m. – it’s always wonderful amidst such a pleasantly aromatic ambience. You can also take to jasmine petals for a fragrant flavored herbal tea. Jasmine is a very good air purifier 7 is one of the cheapest plants to grow indoors.


Lavender is another good example when you are looking for the best indoor aromatic herbs. If you do not want to waste money on aromatic candles, the lavender would be the perfect aromatherapy solution for you with its pleasantly refreshing smell. Added to the beautiful aroma, lavender even works as a great insect repellent. Moreover, lavender even relaxes lungs & reduces stress.