Essential Facts about Buckled Shingles

Roof bucklingBuckling of shingles means the fluffed up of shingles. It’s like something is pushing the shingles from inside and the shingles are pushed up. This is not proper for the roof of your home. It is dangerous and it deteriorates the aesthetic appeal of your house. Thus you should be careful regarding the buckling of your roof and take precautions. You should replace your shingles as soon as possible when you detect the buckling in your shingles. The reason behind the buckling of shingles is moisture and lack of insulation. When the moisture gets inside the roof and it fails to find its way out then buckling is seen in the roof. Shingles does not remain flat and it gets curved because of the wrinkling of the roof under the movement of the roof deck.

Here is some of the causes of the roof buckling

  • In the months of summers we usually feel high humidity in the atmosphere. In this situation, the old roofs are usually torn off so their wood deck is exposed and it leads to absorb the moisture. When the wood absorbs the moisture and its content increases, it causes the wood deck to move and buckle.
  • At the time of installation of new roof, the moisture gets trapped in the system and the roofing felt which is used as underlayment absorbs the moisture and result in wrinkling.
  • The homes are build tighter and then insulation level is kept high and thus because of this they might not be properly ventilated. And due to lack of ventilation also roofs and shingles got buckled up.
  • If the roof sheathing is not appropriately spaced which is a minimum of 1/8 then also buckling is seen in the shingles on the roof because of expansion and contraction.

Tips to solve roof buckling

  • Let the moisture get out of roofing system to get rid of buckling. Once the proper moisture content is attained by the roofing system then the roof will become flat and the problem of buckling will be solved.
  • You can also remove those shingles which are buckled up. If the felt underneath is affected by the buckling then you need to repair up the affected wrinkled felt by cutting and re-nailing the felt so that it gets flat and the shingles are replaced.
  • Make sure that the attic is properly ventilated. The minimum need for ventilation is of one square foot for every one fifty square feet of attic floor space. You can allot fifty percent of ventilation at the eaves and the remaining fifty percent at the upper part of the roof.

Prevention of roof buckling

Don’t expose the material of the decking to the water before or after the installation.

Always apply the shingles according to the tips of the instructions of the shingle manufacturer.

Ensure that your roof possess appropriate ventilation and stays away from the moisture.

If your manufacturer suggest then also go for additional ventilation to keep your roof away from buckling.