Wall paintings for your hallway

hallway Wall paintingsHallways are never really paid much heed to but you must realise that as far as guests are concerned, hallways attract attention. They walk by from this area quite often and hence your style of decoration is reflected to them not only by the rest of the house but by the hallways as well.

There are a number of options that you can choose from in decorating your hallway. Photos, mirrors, trendy wall hangings, lights, paintings, etc. It has been seen that one of the most, if not the most, attractive and eye catching decorative item for hallways is paintings.

Instead of putting up one or two large paintings, you can put up a number of small paintings across the hallway. As they say, “the more the better”. Multiple paintings can ensure your hallway grabs the attention of not just one or two but every guest that comes to your house.

Also, you can go creative on the methods of hanging your paintings. Hanging art work does not always have to mean hammering in a nail and putting up the painting on the wall. The more unusual techniques you adopt to hang your paintings, the more visually attractive your hallway becomes.

1) Ribbon: Instead of the boring ugly looking wire, you can go for bright looking ribbons to hang your paintings on the nail. Get pretty ribbons but try to avoid too gorgeous a design so that the focus remains on the painting.

2) Frame: Instead of the expensive formal looking frames, go for readymade casual looking frames from home decor stores or art outlets.

3) Grouping: If you have a big space to cover and a lot of small paintings, group together the ones with a similar subject and then hang them in order so that your guests can view them one by one and enjoy an interesting sight.

Hope you have a better idea now about how to decorate your hallway with artwork. So arrange the paintings and start making your hallway prettier.