Tips to manage your storage space

storage spaceYour storage room is certainly the most cluttered and kinky area of your home. People have a tendency to unmindfully dump up the storage room which makes the place dirtier. But you should be careful here since a kinky storage room is the breeding ground of pests and germs, endangering the hygiene of the residents. The article here is a brief on how to organize your storage room effectively.

Before proceeding further with the organization tips, it’s to stress here that decking up a storage room demands huge lot of time, especially if you haven’t touched the place in a year. So, make sure to allot 4 hours every Saturday or Sunday (for a month) to ensure an effective storage.

Now, let’s start with the storage organization tips. First of all, you must clean up the storage room thoroughly. Pile up all the items from floor into a cornet or if possible, shift them into racks. Then, make a list of all your storage items in the room. Divide the list into 3 sections- one for usable items, one for throwaway and another for donation. Get package boxes, sheets of paper, pen and gum. You have to pack up the items that you want to give away and donate into separate boxes. Label them accordingly.

After you are done packing the donations and giveaways, it’s time to organize the usable items. Arrange the trinkets on shelves and place the heavier ones, beside the door- like your old folding chair which is still functional. Many a times people dump up the storage room getting bored of frequent use of a certain item only to discover later its functionality once again.

Finally, get a light coat of paint for the storage room to beget a fresh touch inside. Remember to follow the organization tips given above for at least twice a year- a timely organization would make the job less cumbersome.