Hardwood Flooring- Merits And Demerits

Hardwood Flooring, flooringToday many kinds of flooring options are available to the people. But most of the homeowners prefer hardwood flooring. This is because hardwood flooring has a lot of advantages. However along with the many advantages it has certain disadvantages as well. This article will highlight the merits and demerits of using hardwood flooring in homes.


Hardwood flooring is time-tested as many old homes that have this kind of flooring still look new and fresh. The hardwood floor can be conveniently cleaned and maintained because dirt and stains does not easily stick to the floor. The color of the floor made out of hardwood never fades and remains the same for years. If you choose hardwood flooring for your home then you will get numerous options in terms of colors, natural patterns etc.

This kind of flooring is extremely strong and tough. Thus you do not have to worry about the scratches and dents on the floor. Hardwood floor compliments any type of home d├ęcor whether it is traditional or modern. This flooring is eco-friendly since hardwood is natural. Hardwood floor increases the worth of your house when you plan to sell it.


Hardwood floor is actually not affordable since it is a natural material. It is extremely expensive. Installation process of the hardwood flooring is time-consuming and costly as most of the time professional help is required. This type of flooring might loose its luster in the long run. It also becomes slippery if you walk on it wearing socks.
Floors made out of hardwood have a high vulnerability to moisture and humidity. Thus they can deteriorate easily if they come in contact with water. The hardwood floor can turn out to be intolerably noisy at times if it is not insulated.

You should take into account both the merits and demerits before you install the hardwood flooring in your house.