Fen shui for your child’s study area

Fen shuiWhen considering the best options in modeling your child’s study room, make sure to look up Fen Shui. There are many ways to enlighten the study aspect of any study room. Make sure that the modeling makes the study room look as peaceful and calm inducing s it possibly can. Shades of green on the study room walls can be of great help. Making sure to keep a broad expanse of space near the study desk to emphasize on it is important. Try to keep the desk as clean and bland as possible to induce focus and concentration.

With Fen Shui aspects make sure to not keep the door behind the person who sits at the desk as this proves to be distracting. If a window is present, keep it to the left of the desk, if not keep a mirror hanging on the wall. Also add up the positive influences of Fen Shui by either placing a plant on the window sill or by hanging a wind chime.