Good luck charms make your house look pretty too

Good luck charms for homeMany of us keep few things in your house as we believe those are our good luck charms and will always bring happiness and prosperity to our house. Many people hang lemons and chilies on the door of their house to keep away any evil things, but on drying the lemons and chilies look bad. But this is not the case with all good luck charm as some of them also make your house look pretty.

According to Feng Shui, keeping Chinese bamboo always keeps your house environment cool and contended and imparts happiness to your house. The Chinese bamboo is indeed quite beautiful looking and you can very easily keep them in some decorative glass or bowl to make your house even more beautiful.

A small statue or show piece of Ganesha is believed to bring wealth and prosperity to your house. A good looking statue of ganesha kept in the shelves in your house will impart an aesthetic sense to the appearance of your house.

Home security: choose from the best

Home security , security gadgetsEnsuring security of your home is the top most priority of most home owner. There are many home security systems now available in the market. You can choose from the wide range of home security systems to ensure proper safety of your home and the persons residing.

You can install a door bell attached with a camera at your front door. Whenever someone comes and ring the door bell, you can easily see him or her in the closed circuit television installed in your home. This will help you whenever someone, whom you don’t know, drops in and ring your bell. You can easily verify who he is and what his intention is. If his behavior appears to be suspicious, you can also call the police or ask for help of your neighbors.
You can also use burglar’s alarm, which will start ringing if anyone tries to break in to your house forcefully by breaking your doors.