3 ways to do up your fireplace mantle

The fire place is one of the most important places in our house. Not only does it keep us warm but it is also an important piece of home décor. No house can look good, warm and inviting unless the fireplace is not done up properly.

If you have been thinking of doing up your fireplace mantle for quite some days now but have been short on ideas then here is a list of the three best ways you can do up your fireplace mantle:

1)      Choose your style. If you are a nature lover and want that aspect of your nature to reflect on your mantel then make sure your fireplace mantel is full of flowers, preferably real ones. You can also get hold of bird’s nest to add a bit of drama.

2)      Decorate your mantel differently during Christmas and other festive seasons to give it a different look.

3)      Go for seasonal decorations, they never go wrong and your guests will never get bored.

Solar pool covers for your home

Solar pool covers,Home DecorSolar pool covers are the most demanded item in the recent times for people owning a pool. Solar pool covers has a variety of benefits which are very effective for you and your family and also eco friendly to our environment. The basic objective of solar pool cover is to warm up the water of your pool using solar energy as its source.

The wide array of benefits attached to solar pool covers are; first they are extremely durable and can tolerate extreme climatic changes. You will find a variety of solar pool covers with different thickness. Choose the solar pool cover keeping in mind the climatic condition of your place.

It is extremely environment friendly and at the same time reduces a lot of your heating costs. Solar pool covers do not produce any toxic residue or emit any harmful gases or deposits thus making it eco friendly in nature. Plus with solar pool covers you can enjoy swimming even in the winter seasons.

Tips to remove sticky floor tiles

sticky floor tiles, floor tilesRemoving a sticky floor tiles is a job which needs little hard work and concentration. Unfortunately sticking tiles is much easier then removing these tiles.

Pry the edge or corner of the damaged tile using screw driver or scissor. Try to find the loose corner then pry upward. Only when a single tile is removed you can easily remove others by using scratcher.

Give a little cut at the corner of the tiles using knife or any sharp object, then use the heat gun to provide heat at the bottom of the tiles so that the glue used during sticking it is diluted and then remove the tiles using scratcher.

While removing the tiles wear gloves and use adhesive dissolver to dissolve the sticky material. And wearing gloves will safeguard your hands from heat gun, scratcher and the glue.

Work systematically throughout the room. After removing you will surely feel like mission accomplished. After using the remover solution, wash the underlying floor with water and soap.