Give you bedroom a beach inspired décor

Does the idea of sun kissed beaches and the serene blue sea make your heart soar? Then the good news is that you can now decorate your very own bedroom with a beach inspired theme! The trick is using the right kind of accessories and a dash of creativity and imagination. Start cutting out posters and pictures of beaches, coconuts, shells and decorate them around at a corner of your room or around your mirror.

Collect shells or buy them from flea markets and use them as decorative items. Choose blue or sandy wallpapers for your walls. You can also add the effect by hanging up your surfboard behind your door. Also don’t confine yourself to just the walls. Table lamps and nightstands can be decorated with small shells and cones. You can use Christmas lights to give your room a sunny look. Use bamboo curtains to give the room a natural edge. Altogether make sure you use your creativity as much as you can and you’ll bring the beach to your home today.