Tips for designing a master bedroom

It is true that, professional designers can make our bedroom unique. But sometime the creative ideas coming out from an individual’s mind can fail the professional. Thus it is really important to have a focus on particular work. A consultation with such a friend who is having knowledge about art work and designing can add flavor to your work. We must choose a big room in the beginning. It should have a proper storage space of a bed, wardrobe and dressing table.

Before ordering the furniture, it is important to measure the space of the room. The room must not look very congested and unhealthy. There must be enough space to pass air. The design of the master room should not be either fully masculine or entirely feminine. There should be a balance. Designing should also be as per the taste of the house owner. A comfortable bed with linen and bed spread would be needed in designing master bedroom.

Designing a stylish guest room

A guest room is really very important in every house. Even if we don’t have frequent visit of guests in our home, it is important for us to make a provision before. The first thing we should do in decoration of the guest room is choosing a particular theme. A particular picture or wall paper is to be put in particular area of wall to get the subject matter of the theme. The bed sheets, pillow covers as well as night lamp should also match with the theme.

The theme can be related to old memories or a modern and elegant look in our home would be applicable. The curtains of the door as well as window have to be chosen as per the subject matter of the theme. A beautiful color is required to be chosen to provide a glow in the guest room. The color combination of rooms should be contrast.