Finding Extra Space in Your Small Bathrooms

Bathroom lack storage space and creates a big problem for the user. There is hardly any space to introduce furniture and other accessories. Thus, one may often find things scattered on the bathroom floor due to unavailability of space for storing the necessary items. The best way to sort out storage problems in the bathroom is by setting up a vanity unit.

In most bathrooms, the space below the sink can be utilized by installing the vanity unit in this space for storing all the items. Vanities are available in many shapes and sizes and in different styles, which complement your bathroom. Therefore, irrespective the size of the bathroom you will find enough space to fit the vanity unit and store all you belongings. Most vanities have two shelves where your personal washing products such as conditioners, shampoos, face wash can be stored on the top shelf. The bottom shelf may be used to store towels and bathroom cleaning products.

Save Money and the Environment with Solar Outdoor Lighting

Traditionally it was believed that the solar lights provide soft, warm ambience for the landscape. This however, is no longer true. With the advancement of technology, it is possible to obtain bright light using solar power. The major advantage of solar light is that it is free. Only installation cost is what one will have to bear. The solar outdoor lighting is used to light up the small pathways.

However, there are other areas where these lights find extensive use. It can illuminate the entryways, decks and porches. Solar powered spotlights and security lamp are best suited to emphasize work of art. Garden solar lighting is usually a low voltage light and can transform the view of the garden. The landscaping and the flowerbeds remains illuminated even during the night. Thus, a 24-hour view of the garden is obtained with these solar lights. Solar lights are environment friendly since they do not emit byproducts.

3 Bathroom Remodels you can afford RIGHT NOW

According to a report published in a magazine that compares the cost of remodeling homes with its value $15789 is the cost for revamping amid range bathroom. Re-grouting is something that a homeowner can afford right away. This is essential because the tiles in older houses look extremely awful with stains and discoloration. shows that the average cost of re-grouting is $184, and searching the web one will can easily find that bathroom re-grouting does not break the $500 mark. According the average cost of fitting new or replacing old tile is under $2,000, which is a quite reasonable investment. With a little expenditure between $475 and $600, you can easily replenish the old bathtub. The bathtub, which has been stained by overuse completely, destroys the d├ęcor of the bathroom. However, giving a brand new look to your bathroom is inexpensive, as installing new mirrors will also enhance the beauty of the bathroom.

Top 5 Bathroom Remodeling Solutions

Before remodeling the bathroom, consider several points. Think about the space available for storage. If your linen cabinet is not within the reach of the shower then you will need to make necessary arrangements. To get easy access you can place some shelves in this area or add a cabinet for towels. You may require adjusting the height from the ground of the vanity keeping your children in mind. You may also need to adjust the position of the vanity in compliance with the mirror.

Lights must be properly installed and there should be adequate light for you to see yourself in the mirror. You must also think about adding a heater in the bathroom. Though this may sound luxurious, yet it will be of high necessity during the chilly winter months. Proper ventilation is necessary for the bathroom. This will ensure a much healthier environment and will prevent fogging of the mirror.

Budgeting for the Boudoir: Bathroom Remodeling in Difficult Times

A close look at your own finances is necessary to decide whether the time is right for a bathroom remodeling or not. Though the economy is slowing down and even if there is a noticeable slump in the housing market yet, people are not shoving off plans for bathroom remodeling.

Statistics offered by the Joint Center for Housing Studies show that discretionary projects of kitchen and bathroom remodeling went up by 40% during 2005 and 2010. A major remodeling contractor provided a more real picture. It pointed out that the remodeling of bathrooms went up by a greater percentage during 2005 and 2008. The overall growth was 74% between 2005 and 2008while on a year-to-year basis the growth rate was 47% during 2005-2006 and 2006-2007. A leading magazine reported that the return obtained from bathroom remodeling over an initial investment was the highest. It was around 78.3% and was more than that obtained from other remodeling.

Can We Move Bathroom Fixtures When We Remodel?

Bathroom remodeling needs a lot of hard work and planning. You need to look into various areas like construction, repairing, plumbing, etc. Moreover, while remodeling unlike construction you need to figure out what to do with the existing structures and yet attempt to create a new model. You first need to classify the items that you will be able to reuse and those that will have to be replaced. It is however, economical to reuse as much as possible.

Thus, you may decide to keep the commode, as it never goes out of style but replace the tub and sink. Now another aspect to look into is that, with any remodeling the existing structures might have to be relocated and that may require professional touch. For example, even if you plan to keep the toilet you may need to shift it slightly to make space for new fixtures. Thus, a plumber will be required to fix the toilet again.

Is It Possible to Level a Bathroom Floor?

The problem of leveling the floor of the bathroom has to be viewed in two aspects. If the floor has an access from below like a basement or a sub floor then it will be possible to level it by placing the shims.

However, in case there is no sub floor or other ways to access the floor from below then a self-leveling product has to be used. These products are mixed with water and raked on the floor. Over a period, it will find its own level. The self-leveling products are highly expensive but its high level of utility is worth the cost. Very little time is consumed when these products are used.

Wonder board or hardibacker backer needs to be installed over the raked floor. It is also essential to install felt roofing on the wonder board so that it acts like a moisture absorber. Above this roofing the sub flooring should be done.