Acrylic bath tubs

Here are some tips to repair you acrylic bath tubs in case they get damage or get scratched.You can use an auto polish liquid or even a metal polish in order to remove the dullness or scratches on the acrylic bath tubs.

This simple process will make your bath tub look new and shiny. If there are harsh scratches which are quite deep, then they can remove with the help of finely damped sandpaper followed by a proper polish. It is very important to make use of some water when you are sanding so that the surface is protected from any kind of scratching. One can repeat this process for a several number of times unless the scratches are removed completely. Sanding in circular motion and polishing with a proper polishing compound with right amount of water is a perfect way to get rid of damages on your acrylic bath tub.

Wallpaper DIY

Here are some of the important DIY steps that you need to follow to apply wallpaper perfectly in your room.

1. Make sure that you have enough area to spread your wallpaper when cutting into proper sizes. Make the walls plain by removing all the nails, old wall papers etc.

2. In order to check the blemishes, one can use a flashlight and smooth such areas with the help of a sand paper. Fill the pores with drywall solution.

3. Use a good quality primer which is oil based as this prevents your wallpaper from absorbing the adhesive. You can paint the edges of the wallpapers so that they don’t look different from the adjacent walls of ceilings.

4. Soak the wallpaper properly in the tray for around 15-20 seconds preventing any air bubbles.

5. Lastly booking will not only make the adhesive to spread evenly but will also help you to stick them properly.

Suspended ceilings

Installing suspended ceilings can be a good option if you are thinking of it. However make sure that you are aware of its pros and cons before you actually install them at your home or office. Some of the suspended ceilings tiles help in providing fire safety which is a very good part about them. Apart from this, revamping or fixing any damage is very easy when it comes to such drop ceiling system. Modification can be made in a short period of time without much hassle.

So maintaining them is also not a very tedious job. Electrical wires and various other plumbing things are concealed properly in a suspended ceiling, thus giving you an easy access. There are many varieties available in the market which will suit with your overall theme of the room. However, a major problem with suspended ceiling is that is reduces headroom. Tile sagging is a common proper with such ceilings if not maintained properly.

Combine Caribbean and Tuscan in your room

Designing your room with a combination of Tuscan and Caribbean, means merging French and Italian theme. However, they both have an oceanic feel. This amalgamation gives a quite sophistic look to your bedroom. You need to incorporate some earthy stuff along with some beach stuff. One can have a hand scraped dark hardwood floors or a dark furniture which is carved.

For example one can experiment with their bed by carving the sides. One can add some corals, stones and shells as a piece of art in their room. In order to give some Caribbean look, you can make use of some lavish fabrics like silk. You can color the walls with some earthy tones like gold in order to make it simple at the same time classy. Teal wall is also a good option to give a Caribbean look. One can add some wallpapers of landscapes that are relevant to both the origin will also change the complete ambience of your room.