Bathroom Shower Tile Decorating Ideas

One of the most bathroom shower tile decorating ideas is to deal with the shower tiles. You can choose to etch out some of the attractive designs or you may want to add some attention-catching designs to your bathroom shower. Another tile decorating idea is to replace the existing shower tiles with the assistance of a handcrafted stencil or you can purchase it from your local décor store.

In addition, you can choose to decorate your bathroom shower tiles by painting a border for all the tiles tat you use in the bathroom. Moreover, you may wish to add some few tiles here and there in your bathroom that have a different color from the ones that the other tiles have. By so doing, you are adding a splash of color to your bathroom that could otherwise look boring and thus you will transform your bathroom into that look that you have always wanted.

How To Fix A Bad Paint Choice Without Repainting The Whole Room

The simplest way to fix a bad paint choice without repainting the whole room is to do a color wash. You will require a quart of paint and should be the same sheen as the base color. The best thing when choosing color combination is to stick to the initial color but you will need to apply the color wash in a lighter or darker shade. This would not take you to choose in the color store because you already know the color you want. If you want to begin with the color you use, you must first apply the color wash.

It is easy to do color washing but it might take time to complete. However, you have no reason to hurry because you do not want your work to look shoddy neither do you want to hurry and make the same mistake all over again.

Making A Star Wall Paper Border

Wallpaper borders have lately become one of the trendiest ways to decorate a house. They are sophisticated and smart and they are affordable and fun to use in a room. They are ideal in pulling the many aspects of a room in order to give a finished look. With the growing choice of style, sizes, texture, color, shape, as well as their sophisticated elements, wallpaper borders can create a star-studded room finish. When using wallpaper border for your home décor, you have to draw attention to the window frames, wall as well as the door.

Another home décor idea to put in use when using wallpaper is to mix and match two or three different wallpaper borders and you need to place them edge to edge. Try to be unique when hanging the wallpapers by not hanging them horizontally as most people do. You may need to hang them vertically.

How To Use Inflatable Furniture

There are several inflatable furniture to choose from whether you are looking for inflatable chairs for kids and they will create a funky look in the room that you choose to put them. What is good with this type of furniture is that they can be stored very easily. You will find inflatable furniture from ottomans to sofas, beds and several others and they work the best for children.

There are also various accessories that go with inflatable furniture such as backpacks, clocks, pillows and sport bags and many more. Since inflatable furniture work best for kids, they thus come in bright colors, which will interest your children the most. These types of furniture can add pizzaz and color to as room especially when used in a teenager’s room or the dark room of your child as well as the rec room. In addition, the inflatable furniture is inexpensive to buy, so your child can have fun as he studies.

Home Decorating Ideas: All About Stained Glass Lamp Shades

Home decorating ideas using stained glass lampshades may look like a difficult task especially if you do not know what to have for your home décor. It may be a hard thing to find the table lamp that will perfectly fit to your newly decorated room. Once you have decorated your living room with the stained glass, you will see the beauty and you may want to use it in other rooms as well. This means that you have to pick the light fixtures or portable lighting for the whole house in order to complement with your original piece.

The choice of styles and colors are unlimited and you will get what you want when you want. Your choice of stained glass lampshades will depend on your tastes, likes and uses and you will get many different lighting options such as lamps to scones and even pendants.

Tips For The Screened Porch


The all season room or screen porch is that room that you spend most of the time in either relaxing and watching neighbors or watching nature. Although this room might be very airy and bright, it will be a wise decision to keep it some decoration so as to increase the look and feel of the room. If your room is a small one and has a window screen that is around an all seasoned room then you have to consider putting some greenery and plants. This is the perfect place to create a tropical rain forest décor and it will be one of your favorite places to rest and watch the outdoors.

You can have as many décor options as possible such as hanging baskets that have flowers in front of the window. In order to add a touch of comfort to your screened in porch, you can look for a rug that is long enough or choose smaller squares to place on the porch.

Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture


Patio furniture is among the most used types of furniture. The patio is that outdoor area of your home that is mainly used for relaxation, dining or any other recreational activity. These areas are roofless and in most cases they have a concrete or stone floor and installing furniture in this area creates an inviting atmosphere and they thus give a great addition to your patio and will serve several functions as well. One of the most used and durable material that is used for the patio furniture is wicker as it serves al weather conditions.

There are very many types of wicker patio furniture ranging from the wicker sofa sets to wicker dining sets, wicker day beds and wicker bistro tables. The wicker patio furniture is not only suitable for the patio but they can also be used in other outdoor settings such as poolsides, gardens as well as the backyard.

Selecting Bedroom Paint Color Designs

Each bedroom in the house should be different depending on the occupant. Be it a baby, teenager or even the parents. When choosing paint for these bedrooms, a person can only get the best results when the correct color mixture is chosen. The kind of sculptures or wall hangings in the rooms can also guide a person into choosing a particular color.

It is important to consider the size of the rooms when choosing the paint. If the room is small and you want it to look bigger like white or cream may be appropriate. Concerning the occupants of the rooms, a baby girl’s room would most likely be a shade of baby pink while a boy’s room may take the baby blue shade. Other colors available are, yellow, green and orange. Rooms like the guest room usually take a neutral approach with colors like green or cream. Whichever color chosen for the bedroom, it should be gentle in nature since it is a bedroom. Choosing a color shed that screams or too dull will be sickening.

Decorating for the Seasons-Autumn

Being a season filled with lots of fun, the decorations should also be as fun looking. There are many less expensive ways in which a person can decorate for this season. Grapevine forms can look just as good. All a person has to do is to buy the different shapes and hold them with nice looking ribbons rather than gluing them together. For the wicker baskets a person may collect fall leaves, seedpods and other things and put them in and then place them on the front porch or the entrance to the house.

Kids may also be involved in decorating for this season. Give them flower pots and send them out to collect flowers and leaves then using ribbons with an autumn theme. Tie them around the pots. Any stuff lying around can also be put to good use. The milk cans, rakes and shovels can be laced inside a bucket decoratively with a ribbon tied around the bucket.

Decorating for the Seasons-Summer

Spring, summer, winter and autumn are all seasons in a year. For a home, each of these seasons requires different décor. For the summer, there different ways to decorate the home to give it that ideal look. For starters, the pillows should that bright look. The summer gives that celebrative mood. Popular themes for the summer would be nature. Give the room that natural look by putting some plants in the room. You may choose o give the room a sky blue look or a sunset golden look.

The garden should also not be left out. Have lots of plants in the garden and some antiques. Furniture like wicker is most appropriate in during this season as they can be easily repainted to suit the room’s color. Buying stenciling kits can also be a good add on. Accessories can also finish the ideal summer look like flowered prints for instance. Whatever flowers a person may choose should not have any allergic effects.