Toilet Repair

Toilet is an important fixture in the house and failure of any minor part can also lead to frustration. Water running out continuously, tank making several kind of irritating noises or clogging are some of the common problems. If water is not stopping then first close the water supply source. Locate the flapper in the flush and make sure that it fits properly in the hole located below it.

To ensure that the flapper is tightly placed in the hole brings a long chain from the hardware store. If there is clogging problem then press the plunger repeatedly around 12 times and watch the water starts draining. If the clog is not getting cleared then use chemicals but make sure that while using chemical the plunger is not pressed. These are very simple methods for repairing toilets and do not need any kind of experience. These techniques can help you in emergency when you are not able to get plumbers.