Finding Extra Space in Your Small Bathrooms

Bathroom lack storage space and creates a big problem for the user. There is hardly any space to introduce furniture and other accessories. Thus, one may often find things scattered on the bathroom floor due to unavailability of space for storing the necessary items. The best way to sort out storage problems in the bathroom is by setting up a vanity unit.

In most bathrooms, the space below the sink can be utilized by installing the vanity unit in this space for storing all the items. Vanities are available in many shapes and sizes and in different styles, which complement your bathroom. Therefore, irrespective the size of the bathroom you will find enough space to fit the vanity unit and store all you belongings. Most vanities have two shelves where your personal washing products such as conditioners, shampoos, face wash can be stored on the top shelf. The bottom shelf may be used to store towels and bathroom cleaning products.