Do It Yourself: How To Hang A Wallpaper Border

If you are contemplating of hanging wallpaper border in your home, you should first put into consideration the finish of the wall. If you are hanging your wallpaper on a painted surface then you will need to prime the wall with a covering premier. This premier should be able to adhere to the glossy surface and will help in sealing the flat surface. Priming is very important so that it will be easy when removing the wallpaper and it also ensures that the wallpaper has proper adhesion so as not to come out easily.

One of the best ways to hang wallpaper border is to cut the border into the desired shape ad inset into the wallpaper. You then need to hang the wallpaper as usual but you need to remember to install the border at the end of the wall. In addition, you have to start at the inconspicuous place such as in the inside corner just above the door if you are hanging your wallpaper on the ceiling.