Decorating a room in shades of purple

room in shades of purpleIf you find the color purple appealing, you can take a leap of faith and experiment with it. Purple is a beautiful color and it comes in various shades from lilac to dark purple. Coloring the walls in lilac or dark navy blue purple can real bring about a specifically calming and attractive appeal in a room.

Purple is known to entrap a lot of cosmic energy so using this color in your bedroom can enhance your sex life, say color experts. You can sue lilac themed curtains and bed sheets. You could go for flower patterned violet cushion covers or tablecloths. When it comes to lampshades, if you have a color choice, go for violet. It gives a warm feel in a room. Small things like a clock, a bookshelf, or a wall hanging you could use purple anywhere you want and get that feel for your home right away.