Concrete Floor Waterproofing

Concrete floor waterproofing is a way of protecting the floor from wearing or being damaged. It is protecting the wood, asphalt, concrete or steel from wearing down or being damaged by water, salt, chemicals or moisture and several other contaminants that can damage and decrease the life of your floor. There are several reasons why waterproofing is used to protect the floor. The obvious being to protect against the above elements and also to make sure that your floor last long enough.

Concrete waterproofing can be used anywhere including the basement areas, roof deck, indoor finished floorings, high traffic walkway, locker room, outdoor recreational areas, and several other places. This type of flooring is installed anywhere onto an existing surface from steel to wood, and tile to asphalt. Moreover, concrete floor waterproofing can be installed in new surfaces as well and the main purpose for this is to provide protection.