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Tips to manage your storage space

storage spaceYour storage room is certainly the most cluttered and kinky area of your home. People have a tendency to unmindfully dump up the storage room which makes the place dirtier. But you should be careful here since a kinky storage room is the breeding ground of pests and germs, endangering the hygiene of the residents. The article here is a brief on how to organize your storage room effectively.

Before proceeding further with the organization tips, it’s to stress here that decking up a storage room demands huge lot of time, especially if you haven’t touched the place in a year. So, make sure to allot 4 hours every Saturday or Sunday (for a month) to ensure an effective storage.

Now, let’s start with the storage organization tips. First of all, you must clean up the storage room thoroughly. Pile up all the items from floor into a cornet or if possible, shift them into racks. Then, make a list of all your storage items in the room. Divide the list into 3 sections- one for usable items, one for throwaway and another for donation. Get package boxes, sheets of paper, pen and gum. You have to pack up the items that you want to give away and donate into separate boxes. Label them accordingly.

After you are done packing the donations and giveaways, it’s time to organize the usable items. Arrange the trinkets on shelves and place the heavier ones, beside the door- like your old folding chair which is still functional. Many a times people dump up the storage room getting bored of frequent use of a certain item only to discover later its functionality once again.

Finally, get a light coat of paint for the storage room to beget a fresh touch inside. Remember to follow the organization tips given above for at least twice a year- a timely organization would make the job less cumbersome.

Hardwood Flooring- Merits And Demerits

Hardwood Flooring, flooringToday many kinds of flooring options are available to the people. But most of the homeowners prefer hardwood flooring. This is because hardwood flooring has a lot of advantages. However along with the many advantages it has certain disadvantages as well. This article will highlight the merits and demerits of using hardwood flooring in homes.


Hardwood flooring is time-tested as many old homes that have this kind of flooring still look new and fresh. The hardwood floor can be conveniently cleaned and maintained because dirt and stains does not easily stick to the floor. The color of the floor made out of hardwood never fades and remains the same for years. If you choose hardwood flooring for your home then you will get numerous options in terms of colors, natural patterns etc.

This kind of flooring is extremely strong and tough. Thus you do not have to worry about the scratches and dents on the floor. Hardwood floor compliments any type of home décor whether it is traditional or modern. This flooring is eco-friendly since hardwood is natural. Hardwood floor increases the worth of your house when you plan to sell it.


Hardwood floor is actually not affordable since it is a natural material. It is extremely expensive. Installation process of the hardwood flooring is time-consuming and costly as most of the time professional help is required. This type of flooring might loose its luster in the long run. It also becomes slippery if you walk on it wearing socks.
Floors made out of hardwood have a high vulnerability to moisture and humidity. Thus they can deteriorate easily if they come in contact with water. The hardwood floor can turn out to be intolerably noisy at times if it is not insulated.

You should take into account both the merits and demerits before you install the hardwood flooring in your house.

Reduce the energy bills of your house

Home energy, home improvementReducing the energy bills is very important and people adopt many ways to achieve that. You may find it difficult to reduce the energy bill of your house, but it is indeed not that much difficult if you follow few simple things.

The first thing you should do is to try and reduce the wastage of energy. You often have the tendency of keeping the lights and fans switched on even when you are not at your room. This is the thing you should stop doing. Make it a habit to switch off all the electrical utilities as soon as you leave your room as this will bring down your energy usage reducing your energy bill.

Recent technological development has led to the development of new electrical utilities which are much more energy efficient and thus can really prove to be helpful in bringing down the energy bills. Always check the energy ratings provided by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency before you purchase any electrical utility. Following these steps you will end up lowering energy bill to a significant level.

Ultimate tips for roof maintenance

Roof maintenance, roof careHomes are an extremely valuable investment for any one. Each part of the house is equally important. And when an important part of the house is considered, the roof is one of the most integral one. It should receive proper care and maintenance routinely. If you can take care of the roof of your house successfully then you will be assured that your house stays safe all in all. Also this will ensure to enhance the longevity of the roof and the house.

It is natural to feel daunted by the tedious task of maintaining a roof. For something as tough and tricky as this, you need the help of professionals who will clean the roof in such a way to make it look as good as new. Most importantly they know that which kind of roof will require what kind of care and cleaning products. Give expert care to your roof, the one that it deserves!

Decorating a room in shades of purple

room in shades of purpleIf you find the color purple appealing, you can take a leap of faith and experiment with it. Purple is a beautiful color and it comes in various shades from lilac to dark purple. Coloring the walls in lilac or dark navy blue purple can real bring about a specifically calming and attractive appeal in a room.

Purple is known to entrap a lot of cosmic energy so using this color in your bedroom can enhance your sex life, say color experts. You can sue lilac themed curtains and bed sheets. You could go for flower patterned violet cushion covers or tablecloths. When it comes to lampshades, if you have a color choice, go for violet. It gives a warm feel in a room. Small things like a clock, a bookshelf, or a wall hanging you could use purple anywhere you want and get that feel for your home right away.

Many Merits Of Rubber Flooring

Rubber FlooringRubber flooring has become an immensely popular flooring option among the homeowners. The reason behind this is the numerous advantages that rubber flooring has. Here are certain merits of rubber flooring.

Rubber flooring is suitable for any commercial as well as domestic environment. You can use it in your bathroom, kitchen etc. Most of the healthcare centers, sports clubs etc also make use of rubber flooring nowadays. Rubber flooring is extremely durable and does not get damaged easily.

Plus it does not take much of an effort to keep the rubber floors clean as they are resistant to stains and chemicals. It is an eco-friendly flooring option and helps in absorbing sound as well. The rubber flooring is also slip-resistant which makes it perfect for areas like the bathroom, kitchen, playground etc.

Rubber flooring is available in a variety of patterns, colors and textures and thus you have a lot of options to choose from.

Fen shui for your child’s study area

Fen shuiWhen considering the best options in modeling your child’s study room, make sure to look up Fen Shui. There are many ways to enlighten the study aspect of any study room. Make sure that the modeling makes the study room look as peaceful and calm inducing s it possibly can. Shades of green on the study room walls can be of great help. Making sure to keep a broad expanse of space near the study desk to emphasize on it is important. Try to keep the desk as clean and bland as possible to induce focus and concentration.

With Fen Shui aspects make sure to not keep the door behind the person who sits at the desk as this proves to be distracting. If a window is present, keep it to the left of the desk, if not keep a mirror hanging on the wall. Also add up the positive influences of Fen Shui by either placing a plant on the window sill or by hanging a wind chime.

Good luck charms make your house look pretty too

Good luck charms for homeMany of us keep few things in your house as we believe those are our good luck charms and will always bring happiness and prosperity to our house. Many people hang lemons and chilies on the door of their house to keep away any evil things, but on drying the lemons and chilies look bad. But this is not the case with all good luck charm as some of them also make your house look pretty.

According to Feng Shui, keeping Chinese bamboo always keeps your house environment cool and contended and imparts happiness to your house. The Chinese bamboo is indeed quite beautiful looking and you can very easily keep them in some decorative glass or bowl to make your house even more beautiful.

A small statue or show piece of Ganesha is believed to bring wealth and prosperity to your house. A good looking statue of ganesha kept in the shelves in your house will impart an aesthetic sense to the appearance of your house.

Home security: choose from the best

Home security , security gadgetsEnsuring security of your home is the top most priority of most home owner. There are many home security systems now available in the market. You can choose from the wide range of home security systems to ensure proper safety of your home and the persons residing.

You can install a door bell attached with a camera at your front door. Whenever someone comes and ring the door bell, you can easily see him or her in the closed circuit television installed in your home. This will help you whenever someone, whom you don’t know, drops in and ring your bell. You can easily verify who he is and what his intention is. If his behavior appears to be suspicious, you can also call the police or ask for help of your neighbors.
You can also use burglar’s alarm, which will start ringing if anyone tries to break in to your house forcefully by breaking your doors.

Go For the electric showers

electric showers, showersElectric showers can be a nice addition to your bathroom. They keep you from having to install heaters and the associated plumbing that goes with it. These showers can circumvent water in its shower head, heat up water using electricity, and provide you with a hot water supply when it’s attached to a cold water supply.

The energy consumption is pretty less as the water is heated up only when used unlike the water heaters. It also takes up far less space and requires even less plumbing. These showers also come in various models and types. Some are there that have one button start stop features that allows you to conserve water, there are also adjustable shower heads that provide you with different streams of water. Some come with electronic displays and even more gadgets. All electric showers have in them a thermostat maintain the temperature of the water heated. When buying an electric shower go for renowned models and check the wattage before installation.